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The EMI Troubleshooting Cookbook for Product Designers!

Available from
Stylus Publishing (U.S.), Amazon, and The IET (Europe). Published 2014.

This hands-on trouble-shooting style book offers step-by-step ‘recipes’ to assist those who are trying to solve EMI problems, by detailing exactly what to do and how to do it. EMI Troubleshooting Cookbook for Product Designers identifies why products fail to meet EMI/EMC regulatory standards and outlines techniques for tracking the noise source, and discovering the coupling mechanism, that is causing the undesired effects. Using methods that require only a basic understanding of electromagnetic theory and a minimal background in EMI/EMC, this book offers a range of simple, easily- implemented examples of inexpensive troubleshooting tools that can be built by the engineer or technician.

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The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Pocket Guide!

Available from Stylus Publishing (U.S.), Amazon, and The IET (Europe). Published 2013.

Note that this guide may be
customized with your company’s logo and web site and is also available in quantity discounts.

Every electric product designed and manufactured worldwide must meet electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations. If you are a working engineer or technician, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Pocket Guide: Key EMC Facts, Equation and Data is your fastest and easiest path to the answers you need to achieve compliance in your designs. This practical reference guide allows you to find the key reasoning behind electromagnetic interference and help you propose a solution without losing time delving into the larger references that contain more theory than practical information. After a quick overview of the fundamentals of EMI/EMC, it dives immediately in to issues such as oscilloscope settings, cable terminations, connector bonding, shielding, common PC board issues, troubleshooting with current probes and antennas, and much more. The Electromagnetic Compatibility Pocket Guide is the first place to look while designing for EMC and your guide to thwarting electromagnetic interference.

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The Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Pocket Guide!

Available from
Stylus Publishing (U.S.), Amazon, or The IET (Europe). Published 2015.

This handy pocket guide to essential radio frequency interference (RFI) is a valuable, pocket-sized reference for radio amateurs and others in the radio communication fields. Designed as a practical, quick reference, the Radio Frequency Interference Pocket Guide collates all the key facts and useful reference materials in one handy place to help the reader to understand basic EM theory, along with specific remediation steps in reducing or eliminating sources of radio interference. Topics covered include; EMC/RFI Fundamentals, EMC design, FCC rules, locating and resolving RFI issues.

RFI Pocket Guide

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