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EMC Troubleshooting and Precompliance Testing For Product Designers
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Details: Price $995. Includes six lessons totaling 5-1/2 intensive hours of material, downloadable seminar notes, seven video demos, personal help and coaching via email for one year.

Course Description: This seminar covers the basics of EMC design and how to correct typical design issues, simple pre-compliance bench top measurement methods, and includes a number of simple techniques and tools useful in characterizing designs at various stages of development that will better prepare products for EMC qualification.
The presentation will also include video demonstrations of many of the basic principles. Finally, several case studies will also be described. Homework includes making simple probes, tools, and measurement projects. The focus will be on the top three EMI issues for most products: radiated emissions, radiated immunity, and ESD.

Lesson 1: Introduction to EMC, EMI & troubleshooting philosophy
Lesson 2: Important EMC product design concepts
Lesson 3: Radiated emissions testing (part 1)
Lesson 4: Radiated emissions testing (part 2)
Lesson 5: Immunity testing (radiated, conducted, EFT, surge)
Lesson 6: ESD testing

“EMC Essentials” - Public or In-House Course (2-3 days)

In-House Course: The following in-house course is offered through Wyatt Technical Services, LLC Please contact me directly for scheduling. This seminar can also be extended by a day, or more, to include more on pre-compliance testing, including setting up a temporary measurement range and pre-compliance test lab. Many companies will also add a day for specific consultation on one, or more, current projects. The base price for in-house seminars is currently $14,000, plus expenses, for up to 12 seats. This includes my book, EMI Troubleshooting Cookbook For Product Designers, and 300+ pages of bound color seminar notes. Many companies have me stay an extra day or two to help them with specific product issues or to conduct design reviews. Extra consulting days are my standard $2,200/day. Please request the business policies sheet for more details and information about arranging the seminar.

Public Course: Public courses are hosted by companies in Colorado and other states, as demand dictates. If you’re interested in hosting a public seminar, please call or email. Please refer to the Seminar Schedule page for currently scheduled dates. The standard seminar runs for two days and includes a 300+-page set of seminar notes. Price per seat is currently $1,295.

EMC Integrity Seminar 20120321-006

Why Attend? Because time-to-market and budget factors often drive many of today’s high-tech designs, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues often surface at the last moment in the design cycle, potentially delaying product introductions. Very often, simple pre-compliance measurements and techniques can identify issues early when the cost of implementation is substantially lower and design improvements may be made with less impact on schedules. This seminar covers the basics of EMC design, simple bench top measurement methods and includes a number of simple techniques and tools useful in characterizing designs at various stages of development and will better prepare products for EMC qualification.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing the course, the participant will be able to:

  • Analyze, measure, troubleshoot and solve an EMC problem in more detail
  • Understand theory from a more in-depth view and understand causes of the top EMC issues: radiated emissions and electrostatic discharge
  • Make or purchase simple low-cost bench top troubleshooting tools
  • Perform simple evaluation and pre-qualification tests to ensure likeliness of compliance

Target Audience:

Analog, RF, Mechanical and Digital hardware design engineers will benefit from this course. A basic engineering background (BSEE or equivalent) is required.



Day 1
: EMC Theory (Part 1) - Attendees will be introduced to units of measurement, time and frequency domain, differential and common mode currents, radiated emissions, ESD, PC board layout and shielding/bonding. Day 1 is crucial to understanding the Day 2 presentation, as it will also include demonstrations of many of the basic principles.

Day 2: EMC Theory (Part 2), plus Bench Top Measurements and Troubleshooting - We’ll continue with ESD and system design, followed up with practical tools and techniques that can be used for pre-compliance measurements as well as troubleshooting EMC problems using a straightforward process. We will demonstrate several probing and analysis techniques that will identify EMC issues quickly. Included in the demonstrations will be the use of real-time spectrum measurements and the use of TEM cells for radiated emissions and immunity troubleshooting. Several real world case studies will also be described.

Day 3 (optional): More on how to perform pre-compliance testing, including setting up a temporary measurement range and pre-compliance test lab. This could save countless time and money by lowering the risk when attempting third-party compliance testing. After-seminar time reserved to answer attendee questions related to individual EMC design problems. I’m also available to help with design reviews or specific troubleshooting on your products.



I really thought you did a great job teaching us about ESD issues last month.  I told my boss that your seminar was the best I have attended to date. Dave H.

Thx for doing the presentation yesterday at the IEEE event in Denver.  I attended and enjoyed the content. Nick K.

And from some anonymous evaluation forms:

Very useful course!

Good course with lots of info!

Loved the practical tips and tricks; especially the troubleshooting tips.

Great review of concepts. I liked the sharing of the EMI kit and the troubleshooting techniques.

The demonstrations and the DIY tips for building and using your own testing equipment were the best part for me.

The instructor was good…very helpful!

The demos really bring ideas to light and the troubleshooting tips were very enlightening. Overall the course was very good.

It was good to see EMI prevention techniques from the PC board design phase to the finished product testing phase.

Note: All course material may be customized to your needs. Contact me for details.