Video Demonstrations
This video demonstrates why crossing a clock, or other high speed signal, over a split in the (ground) return plane is bad news for EMI.
This fun video shows some experiments done with a low-cost Tesla coil!
This video demonstrates why pigtails in I/O cables is bad news for EMI.
This simple spreadsheet for analyzing clock harmonics was developed by my coauthor, Patrick André and is also available on his web:
The current probe is one of my most used tools during EMI troubleshooting. The purpose is to measure the very small RF currents in a wire or cable that can potentially cause radiated emissions failures. This video demonstrates how to use the current probe.
Ringing on switch-mode power supply waveforms can cause a broadband peak in EMI. This video demonstrates this effect.
This video explains how to use near field probes to help troubleshoot EMI problems.
This video demonstrates how several common devices can generate broadband noise (or EMI), which may be used to assess the radiated RF immunity of an electronic product.
This video demonstrates some unique sources of ESD you may use to help assess the immunity of your product prior to compliance testing.